Having an IT System is more than just having IT

Almost all businesses, large or small, use IT. But not every business has an IT system. At Lynx Computing we install and maintain server based IT network systems.

So what do we mean by an IT system? Or, more importantly, what is an IT system going to do for me?

Perhaps the most important idea here is that your IT should operate as a single integrated whole (ideally including your fixed and mobile telephones). You may often have heard the standard pitch from IT companies, 'we look after your IT leaving you free to look after your business'. Well, at Lynx Computing we completely disagree with this approach. We believe that your IT system must deliver value for money by improving your business and delivering real competitive advantage. Above all your IT system must just work; it must be unobtrusive and never function as an obstacle to getting things done. But this is not enough; your IT system must give you an edge over the competition. It must make you faster, more agile, more responsive and more consistent when dealing with clients, suppliers, staff and everyone else who comes into contact with your business.

Here is the menu from which to assemble your IT system - have as much or as little as you like. Enjoy!

Share files, printers and applications SHARE INFORMATION

Share files, printers and software without needing to remember where specific items are stored or the need to make sure specific PCs are switched on. Staff have seamless access to the data they need (and only the data they need) exactly as if it was stored on their own computer.


Secure storage of private and confidential information which may only be accessible and visible to specified members of staff. There may be data that should only be accessible to the MD or to your accountant. For example, the security of information relating to people you employ or do business with can have significant legal and other implications.

Backup for peace of mind BACKUP

Automated backup to tape or off-site of all critical company data is essential. Backups are monitored daily and tested regularly, ensuring that your business can continue operating in the event of hardware failure or even if you lose access to your premises.


Automated and centralised maintenance and updating of your anti-virus software ensuring not only that you are always up-to-date in terms of virus protection but also that you can see regular reports on the virus status of every device on your network - giving you a clear overview of where your whole network stands in terms of virus protection.

Backup for peace of mind AUTOMATIC UPDATES

Automated management and deployment of operating system and software updates make sure that vulnerabilities are not left exposed and that you are always running the latest approved versions of all your software.


Protect your staff and systems from unauthorised access with a network firewall acting as guard and gatekeeper at the point where your network meets the Internet and keeping the bad guys on the outside.

Set up an electronic company notice board COMPANY NOTICE BOARD

Set up an internal website to function as a company notice board, for example, holding a holiday calendar, announcements and company documentation.

Link offices together CONNECT YOUR OFFICES

Connect offices together using a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Your offices might be next door to one another, at opposite ends of the country or on the other side of the world. But,exactly the same IT resources can be available in every office.

Full control over your email system EMAIL CONTROL, ARCHIVING & SIGNATURES

Take full control over your email system, adding users, groups, aliases and even new domains at the drop of a hat. Monitor all email traffic with every email to or from every user on your system archived and retrievable (invaluable in the event of legal disputes).

Backup for peace of mind LEGAL COMPLIANCE

Ensure that all electronic communication fully complies with company and legal regulations without leaving signatures, disclaimers, templates and formats in the hands of individual users.

Full control over your email system MAIL BOX SHARING

Share contacts, calendars, task lists and even mail boxes in a controlled fashion between authorised members of staff and access this information from wherever you need it. Allow admin staff to manage calendars and diaries, for example, for field staff.


Your office desktop at home or on the move. Full desktop access or just access files on the server or both. Work on the train (or on the beach if you really want to), access exactly the same information wherever you are - you can even print and send faxes.

Link offices together EMAIL ON THE MOVE

Live over-the-air two way synchronisation of calendars, emails, contacts and tasks. No need to remember from which device you sent an email; your "Sent Items" will contain exactly the same information on every device.

Monitor email and web usage EMAIL & WEB MONITORING & BLOCKING

Full reporting on every site visited, every download and every email. Full control over the ways your staff use your systems - protecting your company against fraud, theft and legal action. Block spefic websites or types of site.

Fax from the desktop or remotely FAXING

Send and receive faxes from your desktop (even if your desktop happens to be on a laptop and you are not in the office). Route inbound faxes to email, shared folders, document libraries or printers.

With all of this managed by Lynx Computing you are building a world class company. But, it doesn't cost the earth or anything like it. We are very happy to talk to you and explain what is possible and how much it costs without expecting you necessarily to take our service. If you would just like to find out what is possible please send an email and we will call you back to arrange a meeting.

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