Today, computers are a necessity to do business. And, to a great extent, they just work - most of the time. But, as your business grows and you begin to push the limits of your computer system, a bit of help can be just the thing to give you an edge. IT support from Lynx Computing gives you exactly that help. Working with businesses of every type and size, in every case our aim is identical - to provide the best IT support in the UK. Good IT support is really no more or less than business support, taking away headaches and irritations and using technology to help you achieve your objectives as quickly and efficiently as possible.


In return for a fixed fee, based on the number of PCs, servers, other devices and offices covered by the support contract, we provide a fully comprehensive, 'all you can eat', total IT Support service. No matter how often your staff make use of our helpdesk and remote support service or how much time is spent onsite by our engineers, you pay the same flat fee. There are no surprise bills - ever. If you need additional work beyond the scope of the contract, for example when setting up a new office, we will agree the price with you in writing and in advance and ask for your agreement before proceeding.


Our transparent and predictable pricing policy is designed to ensure that our interests and yours remain closely aligned. It is every bit as much in our interest as yours that you should have the smoothest possible and most efficient IT system. After all, if your IT is not doing what you require it is up to us to fix it. In order to provide the level of service we do we need to carry out an initial system set up - in some cases involving an upgrade of your equipment. As with the support contract the initial set up is charged on a flat fee basis determined by the equipment involved. The same fees apply if you add equipment during the course of the contract. The set up phase is also used to ensure that we can adequately support you in terms of broadband, domain name management and e-mail back up. If necessary we will handle making any transfers in respect of these services.


The initial contract term is 12 months, though you can cancel at any time at one month's notice. Prices are fixed for the duration of the contract. After the first year most of our clients tend to renew for three years thereby locking in their pricing. Contract fees are payable monthly in advance by standing order. Invoices are issued around the first of each month and payment collected around the 10th of each month.


The key to good network health is constant monitoring of key health indicators of your system. We monitor server usage and performance, your broadband connection and the anti-virus and security status of all of your systems. As a rule we can identify and repair problems before they impact on your staff.


As long as your hardware is relatively up-to-date and you are happy to take our advice as to when parts or whole machines need to replaced or upgraded, we will take full responsibility for all your hardware - if necessary replacing any failed PCs or components without any additional charge.


If you wish we are happy to take responsibility for the maintenance of all of your peripheral IT related service contracts including web hosting, broadband, printer maintenance, photocopier, fax and franking machines. We are even happy to handle your fixed and mobile telecoms contracts. As a rule where we do look after these contracts for your clients we have found that we can make substantial savings.

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