Though our core business is contract based IT support and we believe that this route offers by far the best value for money for small to medium size enterprises, not everybody wants a long term relationship. Sometimes a rock-solid, turnkey installation service meets the requirement. Whether you require a system upgrade, a brand new installation or just a few more PCs or an additional server: our planning and installation service covers the lot.

Businesses will sometimes stick with outmoded and dysfunctional IT systems; finding work-around after short-term fix, just because of the scale of disruption involved in changing - not to mention the nightmare of figuring out costs, timescales and fall-back plans. That's where we come in and why we have developed our stand-alone installation service.

We will spend time understanding your business and existing systems and meeting with key members of staff to determine the most cost-effective and least disruptive upgrade, installation or migration plan. We will identify the required hardware and software and either procure it on your behalf or guide you through buying it yourself making use of our industry contacts to get the best prices.

We will prepare a written plan detailing the start and finish times for the project and showing how your business will continue functioning throughout the changeover. We will also detail the, too often neglected consideration, of a fall-back mechanism should the changeover project run into difficulties. Before work starts we will run through all plans with you ensuring that all key areas are covered. We will agree the project delivery milestones and a clear point at which the job is considered to be finished.

Having agreed everything with you we will brief our engineers and, before you know it, your IT changeover project will be completed. As a rule we can manage even the biggest installation in a weekend with any few remaining snagging problems eliminated during the following week. You go home on Friday and return to your brand new fully-functioning IT system on Monday morning.

After the installation is complete you can still call on us for help and advice. The same engineers who installed your system can be made available to help in the future using the documentation prepared during the planning and installation phase. Even without a support contract you can rest-assured that you can call on our expertise whenever required.

If you would like to discuss any ideas on a forthcoming IT upgrade, installation or migration project no matter at how early a stage please give us a call to see if we can help.

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